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Manifold Pre-Piped Digital Control and Monitoring
Series 800 SEA Valve Basic Recirculation
Model: 801 SEA - 805 SEA

Lawler’s Series 800 SEA Valve Basic Recirculation Systems have all the benefits of a Lawler recirculation system with the added ability to give your end-user control over local electronic adjustments of the hot water/recirculation system.

The SEA Valve Basic System control box offers a digital thermometer and electronic adjustment onsite.  With the  SEA Valve Basic System, end users can make electronic adjustments at the valve such as outlet temperature, and get instant feedback.

This system offers several forms of protection you want for your end users. First, it will prevent adjusting the valve when the recirculation pump is on and there is insufficient water flowing through the valve.  Second, a security key feature prevents unauthorized temperature adjustments.  Third, the unit comes with dry contacts for connection to your alarm system, alerting the end-user to a high temperature situation.  Finally, Lawler’s “Four-Way Protection” gives you all the benefits of the patented 800 Series valve (Three-Way Protection™), with the added protection against electrical failure by maintaining the last set temperature throughout an outage.

This complete solution is a part of Lawler’s Power of One™ pre-piped, pre-packaged, pre-tested systems, intended to give you one point of design and one point of accountability.