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Tempered Hot Water Solutions

Digitally Controlled Smart Systems
To meet your requirements for digitally controlled monitoring and actuation Lawler offers you a growing set of solutions
Manifold High Capacity/ Redundant Solutions
For the high capacity GPM you need and the accountability you deserve, Lawler offers you time saving, pre-piped redundant solutions
Manifold Parallel Recirculation Solutions
To solve your high capacity recirculation needs in a pre-piped unit complete with mixing valves and optional monitoring systems
Manifold Recirculation Solutions
To ensure you get what you designed, Lawler pre-pipes complete recirculation units with mixing valves and optional monitoring systems
MINI Manifold Deluxe Recirculation Solutions
When you want digital temperature monitoring in a small recirculation system (with smart pump integration!) and need it now.
MINI Manifold Recirculation Solutions
Because more and more you need a complete pre-piped recirculation solution (with smart pump integration!) in a small footprint, that can ship quickly.
Point of Use Shower Solutions
To give you choice without complexity, Lawler offers three distinct shower valve series in various configurations with thermostatic and T/P protections
Single High/Low Mixing Valve Solutions
Because often you need to control water over a wide range of flows, Lawler offers you a complete series of single valve high/low options from 1 – 200 GPM
Single Mixing Valve Solutions
Whether you need low-, medium-, or high-capacity temperature control, all Lawler thermostatic mixing valves offer Three-Way Protection and meet ASSE 1017
Under the Counter Solutions
To give you dependable technology for controlling temps at the fixture, Lawler offers five different patented solutions for under-the-counter